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The Second Cavalry Association is a private organization of individuals who have served with the Second Cavalry Regiment. It stands today as the first and oldest veterans organization established around a particular unit. The Association's Mission is three fold; preserve and share our history, support our veterans, and to support our regiment whenever the need arises. Find out more ...

Thoughts from the Chairman

Fellow Dragoons, 

I wish you all well on this day, the 183rd birthday of our regiment. We can all be very proud that we each share a part of our storied history with our service in our great regiment. I feel an even greater affection to the words "Dragoon for Life" on this day and hope you each feel the same.  

A few brief comments from your Chairman:  
  1. Our Association is alive and well and doing great under Bryan's leadership and the support of his team. They always excel, as all Cavalryman do, despite the many challenges they face as a volunteer organization. I want to express my gratitude and thanks to Bryan and his team with this correspondence. Without them, we would be in deep trouble 
  2. Our recently concluded 2019 reunion in Kansas City was a winner by every imaginable measure. One of our best ever for sure! Thanks to Tim and Frank and all who helped him to make it so special.  
  3. Please remember all who have served honorably in the Regiment are members of our Association. It costs no one a dime to become an Association member.  We are already members because we have paid our dues with our service as Dragoons!  This is an important message that needs to be shared with everyone who has served our Regiment honorably, so that more among our number will join us in supporting our Regiment and enjoying each other whenever the opportunity arises. We need your help to spread the word. Tell all to go to our web site and sign up! Easy and needs to be done as we strive to perpetuate the history and lineage of the regiment.  
  4. Our memorial project is well underway and needs to be supported financially by all of us, not just a select few. Bryan's message tell's it all. We make it happen or it doesn't succeed which is NOT an option!  Give now, and do so now at whatever level is comfortable for you. This project honors all our fallen and tells all who will enjoy viewing our memorial, in decades to come, that the 2nd Cavalry Association represents and deeply cares for Dragoons past, present and future.
  5. Finally, we need fresh, new talent to join our leadership team to maintain and grow our Association. Our future resides in the capable hands of young Dragoons, as we who have served for awhile start to tire and grow older. The point is this is important stuff! It requires dedicated, smart and next in line Dragoons who are willing to step up to help as their time comes and ours fades into the past. If we fail at in this task the future of our Association will be difficult to maintain at the high level of success we enjoy today. Please take this "call for involvement" seriously!  Encourage our fellow Dragoons to call one of us, email one of us, or contact one of us through the web page and let us know if you need help enrolling.
My very best wishes to you all. I hope to see you all in Atlanta and Fort Benning in 2021 where we will dedicate our memorial and enjoy the celebration of Dragoon fellowship together one more time. As General John Tilelli often says to me, "It just don't get any better than this!" 

Toujour Pret!

"Dragoon for Life"

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Thoughts from the Chairman Fellow Dragoons, I wish you all well on this day, the 183rd birthday of our regiment. We can all be very proud that we each share a part of our storied history with our service in our great regiment. I feel an even greater affection to the words "Dragoon for Life" on this day and hope you each feel the same. … read more >>

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