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The Second Cavalry Association is a private organization of individuals who have served with the Second Cavalry Regiment. It stands today as the first and oldest veterans organization established around a particular unit. The Association’s Mission is three fold; preserve and share our history, support our veterans, and to support our regiment whenever the need arises. Find out more …


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Your  donations help us provide scholarships to members of the Second Cavalry family, preserve our unit’s history, and other worthy endeavors.



The 2021 reunion will be at Ft. Benning. We will dedicate a  memorial to the history of the Regiment and to those who served and died as Cavalry Troopers.


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If you would like to make a donation to the Second Cavalry Association, there are several options available.
The Always Ready Troop supports the general operations of the Association.
The Dragoon Troop is our scholarship fund.
The 1836 Society is an endowment to preserve the history and heritage of the Regiment.
Fiddlers Green is for those who would like to consider the Association in the their estate planning.

Recent News

The history of the US Second Cavalry

The Second Dragoons are the oldest mounted regiment on continuous active service in the U.S. Army. From its formation in 1836 to fight in the Second Seminole War, to its numerous deployments to the Middle East, the Regiment has distinguished itself in major campaigns: the Indian Wars, the Mexican War, the Civil War, the Spanish-American War, both world wars, and the Persian Gulf War. Along the way members of the Regiment served gallantly in action, and 20 were awarded Medals of Honor.

2nd Cavalry Association Reunions

The Second Cavalry Association 2019 Reunion was held in Kansas City Missouri and was a rousing success. We were supported by a color guard from the Fourth Cavalry, and honored to host several members of our Regiment who traveled from Vilseck. In attendance was the RDCO, RCSM and the Regimental NCO and Trooper of the year.

The 2021 reunion will be at Ft. Benning where we will dedicate an lasting and encompassing memorial to the history of the Regiment and to those who served and died as Cavalry Troopers.