3/2 Cav -Wolfpack Completes Epic 1100 Mile Road March Via Prague and Plzen

Hearty greetings from the 2d Cavalry Association.

Yesterday, the 3rd Squadron returned home to Rose Barracks in Vilseck and a warm reception after completing their epic 1100 mile March.

Bill Bewley, 2d Cavalry Association President, rendezvoused with the Wolfpack in Plzen, Czech Republic and proudly rode the convoy into Vilseck. (Email Bill)

Below are links showing the Squadrons reception in Prague (video) then pictures on Flickr connections from Plzen and finally their homecoming in Vilseck.
Prague Reception:
Plzen Pictures: (Commemorating the Liberation of the City in WWII)
Homecoming Vilseck:
And my favorite picture from the homecoming:

Thank you all for your service and support of soldiers and their families.
We are expecting a substantial contingent from the active Regiment at the Reunion in October. Please consider being there to meet them and to support today’s Dragoons. Learn more about the Reunion!

Toujours Pret!

Chris Golden
Executive Director
2d Cavalry Association
Email Chris: adjutant.2dcavalry@gmail.com