Update on the Regiment’s Operations

The following is a message from Colonel John Meyer, 78th Colonel of the Regiment, to all Dragoons.



I hope this note finds you all well and fit for duty. As we look forward to the next several months, the Regiment will soon have Dragoons deployed to Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Czech, Moldova, Romania, Hungary, Turkey, Egypt, and of course Germany, all in support of assuring our allies, deterring Russia, and enhancing the NATO Alliance. As always, the Regiment continues to develop leaders while increasing our readiness and continuing to add to our legacy and history.

This month, we are excited to host LTG(R) Holder and LTC(R) Gauthier during the commemoration ceremony for the 25th Anniversary of the Battle of 73 Easting. Additionally, the Regiment is also starting our planning for the Regiments 180th birthday, this May.

As the Regiment looks forward to this summer, one exercise we know will add to our 180 year history is a 2,204km tactical road march from Rose Barracks, Germany to Estonia for Exercise Saber Strike. The Regiment will deploy on two routes through Germany, Poland, Czech, Lithuania, and Latvia before consolidating in Estonia for a combined Regimental and Estonian Land Forces Live Fire. Enroute we will conduct a combined river crossing with the German 12th Panzer Brigade, link up with the 82d Airborne Division who is jumping into Poland to seize an additional river crossing, and then continue movement to Estonia. It will be epic.

As always we appreciate the tremendous support we receive from the Association, most notably the generous offer of membership in the Association for all active Dragoons.

John Meyer, Colonel, US Army


Our thanks and appreciation to COL Meyer.

Toujours Pret!

Chris Golden
Executive Director
2d Cavalry Association