A Note from Bill Bewley, Outgoing President of the Association

Fellow Dragoons:

We are very excited about the continued advances of our organization and the momentum we are developing for our future! The most dramatic change we have made is to eliminate membership dues!! We want you to encourage all fellow Dragoons to join our association so that we can begin to grow our database of all who have and will serve in our proud regiment. It is our specific intent that honorable service in the regiment is the only prerequisite to be a life member of the 2d Cavalry Association which will enable us to stay in touch with fellow Cavalryman in the years to come.

As the year unfolds, you will receive additional communications about the progress we are making on many fronts: membership, website, social media, classroom project at Fort Benning, scholarships, our heritage, leadership and the 2017 Reunion. We are indeed a busy organization and expect to remain so as our membership rolls increase.

The elimination of dues is changing the way we will satisfy our financial obligations. This means we must adapt, which we are doing. In response to this new challenge, we are pleased to announce a more robust plan for our fundraising efforts. Below is the outline of this plan. Additional details will soon soon be available on our new website.

We’ve established the Always Ready Troop to help us meet our annual operating costs, currently budgeted at $25,000. Routine donations are placed in this fund from our members without restriction. Member donations will be our primary means of sustaining Association operational funding needs. This simply means your generosity pays the bills and enables us to perform Association work in support of Dragoons and their families when required. As an incentive to encourage your donations annually, you will receive a raffle ticket in our annual fund raising raffle for each $20 donated. You can and we encourage you to now make a donation at http://dragoons.org/donations/.

Raffle details will be provided to you in a letter to follow.
To create an endowment to perpetuate our heritage and guarantee our financial stability, we’ve established The 1836 Society. This very special group of donors will each donate a minimum of $1,836 in support of Association operations and special projects for decades to come. These funds will greatly enhance our ability to support RCO and RCSM expressed needs of the active regiment and other programs as approved by our Board of Directors. Our initial goal is to achieve our first 100 contributors to The 1836 Society by May 23, 2017. Achieving this goal will create an enduring endowment that will serve Dragoons well for a long time to come. If you wish to be a Charter Member, please contact Mark Calvert at markelfordcalvert@att.net or myself at bbewley@appliedtrg.com . Once our new web site is fully operational you will be able to find further details about the 1836 Society.

Through the Dragoon Scholarship Troop, we intend to expand the number of scholarships we grant to deserving members of the 2d Cavalry family. This effort also requires our generous support.

In addition to these gifting opportunities, members may also make large donations in lifetime or upon their passing as part of their comprehensive estate strategy to the Association through the Fiddler’s Green Troop. For those interested in this opportunity please email me with your contact information and I will get back to you to discuss how we can meet your desires to support the Regiment and its Association as a part of your estate planning.

Going forward, information about our fundraising efforts and the opportunities available to our members to donate to the Association will be available on our website at www.2dCav.com. Our effort to enhance the reach of our organization is limited only by our collective interest and generosity. The Board of Directors and I are convinced that this structure positions us well for the future and serves to reinforce the legacy and the future of the 2d Cavalry Association.

Always Ready!

Bill Bewley

"Dragoon for Life"