Annual Prize Drawing

Fellow Dragoons:

This notice is to introduce our new Prize Drawing to raise funds in support of our annual operational requirements for the 2d Cavalry Association. This is our first year for this project and it is part of an ongoing effort to ensure the long-term ability of the association to operate and support the 2d Cavalry Regiment and its Veterans.

To make this a bit fun, for each $20.00 donation made to the Association you will receive one ticket for inclusion in our prize drawing to be held on Jan 15, 2017.?

All donations will be allocated to our Always Ready Troop, from which all funds will be used to support Association operations. On Jan 15, 2017 we will enter the names of all donors and 4 winners will be chosen.

The prizes for this year’s Drawing Program are:

A room for 3 nights at the 2017 reunion convention hotel plus one excursion for 2 or $500 cash if you can’t attend the reunion.

Cavalry sabre, engraved with the winner’s name, date and rank when last serving in the regiment.

Stetson with appropriate rank and hat cord included.

2d CAV Black Campaign hat with rank and hat cord included.

To make a donation send your checks to Frank Hurd at 1626 Comanche Rd, Arnold MD 21012, or go to our website at to make online donations.

Please do this soon and often because we depend on your contributions to sustain our organization’s financial viability.

Our goal for this year is $18,360, which is achievable if a third of our current member population makes one $20 donation in support of our Association.

This is too easy! Please participate and help us raise the funds that are so critical to the Association’s current and long-term financial viability.

Always Ready!

Mark Calvert
Fundraising Chairman
2d Cavalry 1988-1992; 2002-2004

Email –