Commander’s SITREP September

The Regiment initiated a USAREUR-directed Emergency Deployment Readiness Exercise (EDRE) to Outlaw Troop, 4th Squadron, on Monday, 18SEP17 to rehearse the Regiment’s ability to rapidly deploy and reinforce our eFP Battle Group in Poland. In under 48 hours, the Regimental Ready Task Force (the 2CR alert Troop + the Squadron command element) deployed to Trzebie?, Poland. There they became TACON to the 4ID Mission Command Element and executed route reconnaissance for the incoming ABCT. 3rd Squadron and Regimental Staff conducted the Enhanced Forward Presence (eFP) ROC Drill in preparation for 3rd Squadron’s coming deployment to BPTA, Poland. Dragoon Medics finished the last stage of training for the Expert Field Medical Badge (EFMB). The Regiment also participated in Toxic Valley 17, a CBRN multinational exercise at Zemainske Kostolany, Slovakia, focused on examining and identifying potential chemical agents. Highlights of this week’s operations are detailed below:

Regimental Ready Task Force EDRE (4th Squadron):
Upon alert from the USAREUR Watch Cell at 180300SEP17, the 2CR Regimental Ready Task Force (currently Outlaw Troop, 4CR), executed an EDRE into Poland and subsequent rapid and forceful route reconnaissance along Autobahn 4 from Frankenberg, Germany to Trzebie?, Poland. Following the 461km movement, Team Outlaw established at Trzebien, Poland, and began their 4ID MCE directed reconnaissance mission. Team Outlaw reconnoitered bridges, tunnels, three permissive assembly areas, two dispersed assembly areas, multiple refuel on the move locations, and a municipal airport in the vicinity of Bautzen, Poland. This exercise not only tested the capability of 2CR to deploy the eFP reinforcement unit in less than 48 hours, but exercised the connective tissues between 2CR, 4ID MCE, NIFU, Polish NMCC, MNC-NE, US EMB Warsaw, GENCOM, and USAREUR staffs, building relationships that will increase our ability to succeed in times of crisis. The Regiment would like to thank COL Dave Hodne (4ID MCE), MAJ Blake Richter (4ID MCE), LTC Peter Moon (TF 1-18IN), and LTC James Maxwell (5-4CAV) for providing immense support for Task Force Outlaw during this excellent training opportunity. We will continue to support the 4ID MCE and the ABCT RIP until the RRTF deploys to Rose Barracks on 27SEP17.

Toxic Valley 17:
The Regiment’s Chemical Corps Officers joined their counterparts from Austria, Belgium, Czechia, Hungary, France, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, and the United Kingdom for Exercise Toxic Valley 17, 18SEP17, in Zemainskie Kostolany, Slovakia. There multinational forces trained on the sampling and identification of chemical agents in accordance with NATO AEP-66 and the validation of NATO CBR Forensic Training and Sampling Concept. It was a great opportunity to exercise complex and sometimes hard to train capabilities.

eFP ROC Drill (3rd and 2nd Squadrons):
3rd and 2nd Squadrons, in conjunction with our British, Polish, Croatian, and Romanian Allies, conducted an eFP Deployment ROC Drill on Thursday, 22SEP, on Rose Barracks. The rehearsal focused on the tactical road march, the Relief-in-Place (RIP), redeployment of 2nd Squadron, and 3rd Squadron’s initial training plan. 3rd Squadron will highlight Alliance capabilities enroute to Orzysz, Poland, through multiple engagements and Combat Capability Displays. The new Battle Group will then launch into a training cycle that sets them on path to complete their Squad Certification in November, Platoon Certification in December, and finally Troop Certification in February. Battle-Group Poland (BG-P) will continue to deter adversaries by building collective capability and combat readiness during their deployment along NATO’s eastern flank.

Expert Field Medic Badge Training:
The Regiment currently has 22 candidates remaining in the running for the Expert Field Medic Badge. Testing is ongoing and we hope to see all of our medics succeed in obtaining their EFMB. The testing will conclude on 281000SEP17 with an awards ceremony for successful candidates. 2CR is excited to both support and participate in the excellent training opportunity.

Congratulations to Alpha "Argonauts" Troop, Regimental Engineer Squadron, for winning the latest Pioneer Challenge!

2CR Summary of the Week

3rd Squadron continues pack-out procedures and driving tests to ensure readiness for the tactical road march. The Wolfpack conducted several FRG BBQs, MWR events, and a Town Hall to prepare families for the upcoming deployment. The Squadron continues to complete all 350-1 requirements to ensure all 3/2 Dragoons are in compliance with Army regulations prior to deployment. FA’s Archer Battery conducted Table V FDC Training and Hellraiser Battery completed 40-hours of Driver’s Training in an effort to build overall readiness for the formation. BG-P’s MGS Platoon executed a Section LFX on 19-21SEP at Podstaway Range. The lane focused on integrating direct fire, react to contact, breaching a wire obstacle, and utilizing graphic control measures properly. For the remainder of 4th Squadron at Rose Barracks, Gunnery Skills Testing was the primary focus this week. SSG Mahnke, 4/2 Master Gunner, controlled the overall training. The Squadron conducted MK19, M2, Remote Weapon Stations, ammo and vehicle identification training as Table I of their coming Stryker Gunnery training.

Develop Junior Leaders:

2nd Squadron conducted their Troop LFX Range Walk this week in preparation for an early OCT execution. The RRTF EDRE provided the Regiment with an excellent opportunity to evaluate our junior leaders’ ability to perform under time constraints and for the Regimental Staff to execute MDMP. Leaders at all levels did an excellent job preparing Troopers for the EDRE.

Enhance the Alliance:

Our FA Squadron’s FDC coordinated and conducted a joint ASCA "hands-on" training class with our partnered German 131 Deutschland FA Battalion FDC. Soldiers from 112 Mechanized Infantry Battalion, Panzerbrigade 12 German Armed Forces hosted a Schutzenschnur (Badge for Weapons Proficiency) range in the Grafenwoehr Training Area for2CR and other area Soldiers. LTC Chris L’Heureux, 2/2 Commander, met with MG Kraak, the Deployable Air Command and Control Center (DACC) Commander, to discuss integrated air and land operations across all eFP Battle Groups and the DACC’s capabilities regarding crisis response and operational design. Also during this week, BG-P’s Sniper Section conducted joint training with 15th Mechanized Infantry Battalion and will send one team to participate in an international sniper competition over the weekend. Regimental leadership attended the Saber Strike 18 Concept Development Conference in Vilnius, Lituania, from 19-20SEP17. We were able to communicate the Regiment’s training objectives, pursue training opportunities with our Allies, and lay the groundwork for what will surely be the premier training event of 2018.

Thank you for your support and service to our nation.


Nick Smith

Nickolas Smith
2d Cavalry Association