Commander’s SITREP October

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The Regiment focused on 3rd Squadron’s deployment starting 09 OCT to Bemowo Piskie Training Area (BPTA), Poland to assume command of Battle-Group Poland (BG-P) in support of enhanced Forward Presence (eFP). In conjunction with 3rd Squadron’s movement, 2nd Squadron begun redeployment operations back to Rose Barracks and conducted Welcome Home ceremonies for the ADVON and the first Main Body. 4th Squadron moved straight from Dragoon Shock IV recovery operations into gunnery and live fire exercises on Grafenwoehr Training Area for three Troop formations. Apache Troop from 1st Squadron deployed this week to support 1-4IN as OPFOR for Swift Response. Regimental Leadership, supporting USAREUR, attended the AUSA conference and conducted office calls in Washington D.C.

Thank you for your support and service to our nation.


Nick Smith

Nickolas Smith
2d Cavalry Association