The Thoroughbred – August, 2018

We Have a Design!

As reported in the last Thoroughbred, the Board has been working on the development of a memorial to the Troopers of the Regiment who gave their lives in the service of our Regiment.


Our Regimental history is important to us and is important to our Regiment’s future. Most of us have experienced or heard of the Army downsizing after Vietnam, after the Cold War, and be very sure that it will happen again. Even the Army senior leadership isn’t always as familiar with the 2d Dragoons as we think they should. During the 1992 drawdown, the 66th Colonel, John Eberle made a personal appeal to the Chief of Staff, citing our long history, which became a factor in the Regiment’s survival.

Our public face to the Nation and to our Army will be a factor. CPT May’s words ring through the fog of history, “Remember your Regiment…” We must all be ambassadors, make sure they Remember OUR Regiment.

This monument will have a permanent place at Ft. Benning Georgia and will trace the history of the Regiment from its beginning in 1836 to present.
The Memorial will be on a 30’x30’ piece of land in same area as other memorials at Ft. Benning. It will have 7 panels depicting our history and it is our intent to place the 1300+ dragoon who died from the Regiment on the other side corresponding to the era they served and died in. On the center stone it is our intent to have the “Dragoon for Life” print etched in place of the words Dragoon for Life. This will give a graphic history of the Regiment.

This Youtube video of the memorial gives you a greater appreciation of the memorial and let you see the memorial close up and from several different angles.

We have set a target of November 11, 2020 to finalize our fund-raising efforts. This will give us enough time to have the memorial in place for our 2021 Reunion at Ft. Benning where we will dedicate the memorial.

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2019 2d Cavalry Association Reunion

The 2019 Reunion will be at the Harrah’s North Kansas City Casino and Hotel on April 25 – April 28th. In addition to the normal opening reception, punch ceremony and banquet, there will be optional trips to the Truman Presidential Library, the WWI Museum (located in Kansas City) and to Fort Scott. Please mark your calendars and save the date. We are hoping for a strong turnout of cavalrymen and ladies. We expect to open registration in Sept, 2018.

Future reunions – the 2021 reunion will be at Ft. Benning where we hope to dedicate a lasting and encompassing memorial to the history of the Regiment and to those who served and died as Cavalry Troopers.

2023 is tentatively set to be in Montana to trace the 2d Cavalry in the Second Indian Wars

Thoughts from the President

Greetings Dragoons!!

What an action packed and emotional time this last month has been!

It was truly an honor to spend time in Vilseck with the Troopers of 2d Cavalry! Dragoon Week was a huge hit and it was good to see so many of our Soldiers back at home and sharing in some good comradery and competition. The week starting off with a Regimental Run that was NOT for the faint of heart…or anyone retired!! The Dining In was especially noteworthy as it was held in a fest tent on base adjacent to the museum. An excellent venue for a bunch of cavalrymen, as it provided a place to eat and drink where not much could be broken.

I am very proud to report that the new Global War on Terrorism Memorial is exceptionally well done! I can’t state enough how proud I am that Colonel Pat Ellis took on the burden of articulating what this memorial means to the Regiment and was able to replace it with government funds. The Regiment certainly demonstrated pride in ownership and what it means to always remember our fallen Dragoons. Because of Colonel Ellis’s efforts we are now able to transition the monies raised to date to the Regiments National Memorial. Pat has given us a great start but there is still much to be done. I want each of you to review the design of the memorial, included in this edition, and if you like it, make a pledge to get it build. If you don’t like it, provide me feedback, then make a pledge to get it built. We owe it to the over 1,600 Dragoons lost while serving our Regiment since 1836, and I need you to be a part of making this happen!

While it was emotional bidding farewell to this command team, it is tempered by the fact that they will continue to be Dragoons for Life and stay active within the association. It also didn’t hurt that the new Regimental Commander, Colonel Tom Hough and the new squadron commanders seem a perfect fit for the regiment and have hit the ground running. There is plenty of Stryker experience on the new team and an abundance of leadership…. I think we got lucky across the board with this command slate.

I had a chance see Colonel Hough again on the 2nd and 3rd of August at the Stryker Leader Summit at Ft Lewis Washington. As always it was noted that your Regiment is leading the way in innovation and experimentation within the Army, while still executing guidance to demonstrating our countries resolve to our partners in NATO.

Lastly thanks again to the stalwart Dragoons that made their way from Belgium, the Czech Republic, Switzerland, the villages around Germany, and of course, the United States. Thank you for taking the time to let our active duty Soldiers know that they are important, they are appreciated, they are needed, and they are US…. only a bit younger! They are the ones that will continue to replenish our ranks as we continue to roll this Association down the road to the next objective.

Always Ready! Dragoon for Life

Bryan E. Denny
2d Cavalry Association

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