Registration for the 2023 2d Cavalry Association reunion is now open!

My fellow Dragoons, I have the privilege of announcing the 2023 2d Cavalry Association reunion! From 27 April through 30 April, we will be gathering in the city of Annapolis, Maryland, at the Doubletree Inn. I believe this will be our best reunion ever, there is little something for everybody. For the early birds, there’s a Frank Hurd Golf Scramble (we named it after Frank because we could!), we will lay a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknowns, tour Arlington, and be a guest of the Old Guard. If you’ve never visited Annapolis, the old town is stunning, and the Academy awe-inspiring. The banquet is sure to bring up old memories, old friendships, and foster new ones. The “Not-so-Silent Auction” will provide the opportunity to bid on unique Second Cavalry memorabilia. Lastly, we will finish with an All-Members Association General Meeting. The collaterals will be cool, the memories will be lasting, tall tales will be told, and good times will be had!

Click here to sign up online.