2D Cavalry Association Honor Roll

Hank Reed: for his leadership in establishing and nurturing the modern Association.

Lou Holtz: for his many years of dedicated service to promoting and maintaining the Association, whose archives are a treasure trove of Regimental and Association history.

Ned Devereaux: for his unwavering commitment to the Association and his tireless efforts as Editor of The Thoroughbred.

Tom Molino: for his successful efforts to transition the Association beyond the WWII generation.

Bill Bewley: for his many years of dedicated service as President of the Association.

Frank Hurd: for his prodigious efforts to strengthen the Associations finances for over a dozen years and

multiple reunions, culminating in his leadership in funding our Memorial at Ft. Benning.

Dave Gettman: for his herculean efforts and singular focus to record and preserve the heritage of the Regiment.