Annual Prize Drawing

Fellow Dragoons: This notice is to introduce our new Prize Drawing to raise funds in support of our annual operational requirements for the 2d Cavalry Association. This is our first year for this project and it is part of an ongoing effort to ensure the long-term ability of the association to operate and support the …

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2d Cavalry Regiment’s Birthday

Fellow Dragoons: On 23 May 1836 the Congress of the United States of America authorized the formation of the 2d Regiment of Dragoons. For the past 180 years this Regiment has served the United States of America with honor and distinction. Take a moment today to reflect and honor those who have served and those …

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The Littlest Dragoon – A Small Boy with a Great Big Heart

I am sure you are aware of the challenges and meaning of ‘Earning your Spurs’. Please take a moment to learn about a very special 8 year old boy who earned his spurs! His story will make you proud to be part of the 2d Cavalry. See and hear Trevor’s Story: Get the Story

3/2 Cav -Wolfpack Completes Epic 1100 Mile Road March Via Prague and Plzen

Hearty greetings from the 2d Cavalry Association. Yesterday, the 3rd Squadron returned home to Rose Barracks in Vilseck and a warm reception after completing their epic 1100 mile March. Bill Bewley, 2d Cavalry Association President, rendezvoused with the Wolfpack in Plzen, Czech Republic and proudly rode the convoy into Vilseck. (Email Bill) Below are links …

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