Operation Victory Vigilance

Troops from the 2nd Cavalry Regiment are on a mission to reassure allies worried about Russian aggression in the region.
Show them that we’ve got their backs by making a donation that will go to support them and their families.


If you would like to make a donation to the Second Cavalry Association Inc. there are several options available:

  • The Always Ready Troop (support the general operations of the Association)
  • The 1836 Society (an endowment to preserve the history and heritage of the Regiment)
  • Fiddlers Green (for those who would like to consider the Association in the their estate planning)

Click the appropriate link below to make a donation to one of these groups. You will be taken to our secure PayPal payment page where you can enter your donation amount and make your donation. You do not have to have a PayPal membership to donate. You may also send a check directly to the Association at 1626 Comanche Rd, Arnold, MD 21012

We appreciate your generous support of the Second Cavalry Association.

Memorial Fund

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the memorial being built at Fort Benning’s Patton Park and dedicated on Oct 22 during our 2021 Reunion.  In order to get everyone’s name who contributed etched on the memorial, we had to cut off contributions.   If you would like to contribute to the well being of the Association please consider donating to the Always Ready Fund, the Dragoon Scholarship Fund, or the Troop Commander’ fund.

Always Ready,
The 2d Cavalry Association


Always Ready Troop

Consistent with the Regiment’s core value, the Association strives to be “always ready” to support its mission to current troopers and their families, our members and the unit’s heritage. The Always Ready Troop fund is designed to cover the Association’s annual operating costs, currently budgeted at $25,000. No restrictions are placed on this fund and all donations to the Association not otherwise designated will be placed in The Always Ready Troop fund.

Members of The Always Ready Troop will be listed on our website and published annually in the Thoroughbred. Members will also be recognized at the Reunion as members of the Troop. Every $20 donation will result in a ticket for the annual raffle to be held mid-January of each year.

Always Ready Troop Roster

Robert Duckworth, James Nydam, Steven Hodulick, Susan Meisner, John Urban, Anthony Amalfitano, George Crump, Les Evjen, John Sturgill, Todd Knsey, Jeff Haven, Verlyn G. Giddings, Bill Bewley, Dave Gettman, Ed Luzadder, Wayne Redick, Clayton Elzey, Wade Masinter, Robert Duckworth, Dolores Krawczyk, Chris King, Mark Calvert, Jim Robinette, John Walker, Mike and Debra Kush, Tom Molino, Bob McCorkle, Victor Martinez, Mark Marshall, James McManus, Alex Frank, Wolfgang Bauer, Pete and Cora de Harder, Richard Machalk, Sam Palmer, Nick Jackson, Stephen Hadley, John Moorman, Oscar Ruiz, Jim Letton, David Savage, Konard Ludwig, Jose Palomino, Woodrow Christian, Larry Garman, Galen Schroeder

The 1836 Society

The 1836 Society embodies our motto, “Remember Your Regiment.” This endowment is designed to preserve the Regiment’s history through multiple efforts, such as donations to the Reed Museum, the Fort Benning Classroom Project, capturing the oral histories of our veterans and other opportunities as they arise. Our intent is to establish a fund of at least $183,600 from which we can draw each year for various historical projects. The first 100 to donate to the society will be designated as charter members. Membership in the Society requires a one-time donation of $1836. It may also be paid in two or four installments of $918 or $459. Donations to The 1836 Society are restricted to preserving our heritage.

Members of The 1836 Society receive the following benefits: personalized 1836 Notecards, an 1836 Society lapel pin, special recognition at the Reunion, acknowledgement on our website and in the Thoroughbred annually. Members will also be memorialized on a plaque in the Fort Benning Classroom and in the Reed Museum.

1836 Society Charter Members

John MacEnroe, Jack Painter, Tacoma Dave Gettman, Malcolm D. Parrish, Ryan “RT” Yantis, Steven Hodulick, Nelson Williams, Patrick Dubberly, Dolores Krawczyk, Joseph A Serviss, Robert Young, Anthony Cardillo, Michael S. Asahina, Michael Kalinosk, T. Mary Smith, Ned Devereaux, Tom Molino, John Eberle, Bill Bewley, Mark Calvert, Peter Looker, Michael Gibson, Damon Penn, Dr. Albert Biglan, LTG Charles P. Graham, Dr. John Hillen, Dr. Robert A. Shively, John Gifford, James Haskins, Dave Bird, Vernon Schmidt, Robert McCorkle, Frank Hurd, M. Reid Wallis, James Aiken, Jeffrey L. Stamper, Tim White, Eric C. Thompson, Michael Petschek, Gen David M. Maddox, Oscar Ruiz, Bryan Denny, Roger Blackwood, Scott Marcy

The Dragoon Scholarship Troop

The Association has long offered an annual scholarship to deserving members of the Second Cavalry family. The Dragoon Scholarship Troop is designed to raise money to support the Association’s scholarship efforts. The goal is to raise the number of scholarships we offer annually and to establish an endowment that perpetuates this commitment by the Association. Donations to this Troop are restricted to scholarship awards. Members of The Always Ready Troop will be listed on our website and published annually in the Thoroughbred. Members will also be recognized at the Reunion as members of the Troop.

Dragoon Troop Roster

Robert Duckworth, Frank Graham, Ray Thomas, Bob McCorkle, Mark Calvert, Gen. J. H. Tilelli USA (RET), Michael Gibson, Robert Duckworth, David Greer

Fiddler’s Green

The Always Ready Troop, The 1836 Society and the Dragoon Scholarship Troop are mechanisms for members to make current contributions to the Association. In addition to these gifting opportunities, members may also make large donations in lifetime or at death as part of their comprehensive estate strategy. Appropriate donations include highly appreciated assets and named beneficiary instruments such as life insurance and IRAs. Many strategies exist to facilitate donors intending to make large gifts. If you have an interest in bequeathing the Association a substantial gift, please contact Mark Calvert at or Frank Hurd at who will work with you to make sure your intentions are fulfilled.

The new 2D Cavalry Memorial Coin


memorial coin

Celebrate the dedication of the 2d Cavalry Memorial with a specially designed coin that depicts the memorial statue on one side and the crest on the other side of the coin.   This is a limited edition and will not be reproduced once current supply runs out.

Number of coins ($20 each):

Note: Please provide your mailing address when you check out so we can mail you your coin(s).